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== Blaze == Blaze.jpg

-Heath: 10.0 x live. -Armor: 0.0 x armor. -Attack: 2.5 x live. -Experience: 10 x experience.

Drop: 0-2 Blaze rod (upon death).

Spawn: Light level under 12| Nether only.


The Blaze its a type of mob that can be seen floating around the Nether. They catch fire a short time before they attack in the form of a cycle of three bursts of fireballs. After the attack they stop for a short time while and they then take catch on fire to attack again. Their bodies consist of a head on top of a central column of smoke, and three rotating sections and each section cointains four rotating yellow bars. They may occur naturally or by a mob spawn in the ruins of Nether. The balls they get the players can put on fire, but unlike sludge Ghast fire, they are not esplosives.


The Blaze is one of the most difficult monsters to fight, because of their ranged and unblockable attacks, and high attack speed. Their ability to fly makes melee weapons usseles. The Blaze may appear in light level below 12, and they it is very difficult to illuminete the area sufficiently to prevent them from appearing. In addition, Blaze can fly almost anywhere which makes the collection of Blaze Rod dangerous, almost impossible because they can be anywhere.

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